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Q: Slight sound underneath my car.

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Im driving a Ford Everest 2009 model 4x2 automatic transmission. I recently upgraded my tires and my rim and ive also add a wheel spacer and also i have change my shocks and ive also done a lift up for about two inches only. Before wheel alignment was done by a mechanic he told me to change my lower and upper ball joint, idler arm, tie rod end, and pitman arm. As weeks past ive observe a slight sound underneath my car especially when i drive by a hump or a bad road and also when im trying to slow down to park my car. Pls i need your advice coz the mechanic im having right now cant seem to solve the problem. Thanks a lot

My car has 68648 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. It is pretty common to have some suspension noise when a vehicle is modified like this. If you have not take care of the parts that they said that you needed then that is more than likely where the noise is coming from. If those parts have also been done then it may have something that was left loose. I usually get the vehicle in the air and check for any free play in the steering and suspension. If everything is tight then it may be a defective shock or the suspension may be binding. I would put the vehicle on the ground and loosen all of the suspension mounting bolts to allow the bushings to release and tension. While the vehicle is on the ground I would tighten the bolts and that may take care of the noise.

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