Q: Security lights randomly come on twice.3 mechan shop said go to the dealer.You declined to do it. Should I worry?Used U before.

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Got an estimate from you yesterday.Called to make appoint.Your office declined.3 other shops declined suggesting that I do to the dealership.They are expensive. The security yellow light came on 2 months ago and also came on yesterday and stayed for about 15 minutes.AMCO suggested that I tried the other key.I did. The car starts well with both keys and no security light ever came on moments ago. So I dont know when this will happen again. It happened 2 months ago and yesterday.

Should I worry? Do you have any kind suggestion,please?



My car has 105000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Shiv. Security systems on today’s cars, trucks and SUV’s are carefully protected by Federal regulations for obvious reasons. This is why most mechanics, repair shops and YourMechanic.com’s mobile mechanics are simply not able to perform diagnostic or repairs on these systems. Although the dealership is an expensive repair, it’s really the only option consumers have when it comes to security systems. I’d suggest waiting to go to the dealership until this problem is consistent and happens every time you start or operate the vehicle.

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  3. Security lights randomly come on twice.3 mechan shop said go to the dealer.You declined to do it. Should I worry?Used U before.

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