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How do I change my antifreeze in my Chev 2010 Tahoe. I cant locate the plug How do you drain the old antifreeze and replace with new.

My car has 80000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, the directions below will only get some of the coolant removed. To do a thorough process requires a flushing machine. If you’d like, a certified Your Mechanic Technician can come to your location to perform this. Please look at this web site for more information and service options. coolant flush

  1. Use a 1/4 in drive to open and release the drain cock. Located at bottom of radiator.
  2. If the drain cock does NOT seal when tightened, remove the drain cock, clean the drain, and replace.
  3. If the body of the drain cock is broken, remove and replace with a new drain cock.


Notes With Rear Heater 20.0 qt (US) Note: Recheck fluid level after filling system. Without Rear Heater 17.5 qt (US) Note: Recheck fluid level after filling system.

The best way is to have a shop do it a flush machine hooks up to the radiator hose and power flushes the system. At home kits come with a t valve that you splice in the radiator hose. I would drain the system add flush run the vehicle to loosen everything up then remove the lower radiator hose and run a garden hose into the top and let it run until its clean.

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