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Q: Replacement Key?

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I recently had a mechanic replace a faulty Ignition Cylinder. The new part was ordered from my dealer and put into my vehicle without incident; I was up and running in no time.

The issue is I only have one key now; my spare was broken from trying to fix the old Ignition Cylnder. Both Key Fobs work fine and do Lock/unlock the car. Apparently, my one key was re-cut to fit this new Igition cylnder; my spare and Valet key no longer fit.

Will I need a "mechanic locksmith" to get a duplicate of my original key that was re-cut to fit the new Ignition Cylnder?


My car has 64000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like you ended up with a "workshop" lock cylinder. That is a cylinder that you put in to get a car back in action while waiting on the correct cylinder. The workshop cylinder has it’s own keys, but the proper replacement cylinder ordered from the factory according to the vehicle identification number, should be coded to work with your existing keys. It usually takes a couple of weeks to have the correct cylinder coded and shipped so the workshop cylinder should only be a temporary solution. You should ask your Volvo dealer about this. If for some reason they say it’s impossible to fit a lock that matches your car, then you will still have to count on them to provide additional keys. Keys in late model cars do more than turn a lock, they have internal circuitry that communicates with the car to enable the security system and the replacement keys will have to be coded to work with your car. For obvious reasons, it’s not a capability that independents are supposed to have.

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