Q: replaced cooling fan switch, relay, thermostat fan still won't come on even with AC running

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I jumped the fan and it comes on. I've replaced switch, thermostat, relay, checked all fuses and after driving car it starts to overheat unless I'm moving. Starting from cold sitting with AC full blast it stays cool but cooling fan doesn't come on when AC on. I pulled a spark plug to see if it was wet to check head gasket and it's dry. Car doesn't lose power or cut out. What now? My mechanic lives too far to chance warping head. I'm a girl so forgive me if I sound dumb

My car has 140992 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It sounds like you’ve taken all the right steps, so I understand if you are frustrated. If you look in the fusebox again, you might find a fusible link that powers the fan if you haven’t already checked that. Most late model cars activate the fan via the ECU which activates the relay, so you are at a point where diagnosis may require a scan tool that has the ability to do activation. You can have that checked right there on the spot by contacting Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to check out your cooling fan and let you know what it will take to solve your problem.

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