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Q: replaced ac relay and recharged ac which worked for a few days. Also can hear clicking from actuator in glove box. Any suggestions

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AC blows hot air. Replaced the relay switch and recharged the AC and it worked for a few days before blowing hot air. I can hear a clicking sound from actuator in the glove box when adjusting ac controls. Best advice to have my AC working agin? Thank you
My car has an automatic transmission.

If the A/C system was working properly (producing cold output) and then just "suddenly" stopped, broadly there are two possibilities: 1) you have a leak and consequently the refrigerant level is too low; or 2) the refrigerant charge is undisturbed (no leak) but for some reason the compressor has stopped functioning. If you request an a/c inspection/diagnostic, the bottom line is the responding certified mechanic will get it resolved quickly but here is an indication of some of what’s involved in diagnosing this. Using pressure gauges one first determines if there is any charge at all in the system. If there is a charge, you can attempt to command the compressor on and then see if high and low side pressures look reasonable (in range). If the pressures are good and the compressor does function, you move on to see why the clutch is not engaging when YOU command the A/C on via the switch at the dash. If, however, the mechanic cannot directly activate the clutch and get the compressor to even run, that typically means the compressor clutch is bad. Sometimes the clutch can just be changed on the car, so no big deal and you don’t even have to "open up" the a/c system. Other possibilities include a faulty low or high side safety switch which fault also prevents the compressor from starting. If you request the a/c inspection/diagnostic, the mechanic will resolve this. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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  • replaced ac relay and recharged ac which worked for a few days. Also can hear clicking from actuator in glove box. Any suggestions

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