Q: Rear Wheel has bearing/seal issue

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a week or so ago the rear right wheel was making a grinding sound, but it stopped. Thought it might have been something caught in the brake. A few days after hearing that sound, while on the road for work I stopped at a gas station and the back wheel was smoking and super hot. It had an oily substance in the wheel as well, which I'm thinking was differential oil. My step dad managed to take the wheel off and disconnected the emergency brake and the emergency brake shoe was broken in two pieces. Being the Jeep is Rear wheel drive, I don't know what parts to buy for it. I'm assuming I need to get a new bearing and bearing seal for starters. He said the actual brakes look okay. I have not noticed any oil on the ground since the initial overheating of the wheel, but when it's driven, I feel hesitation like the transmission is slipping, so I don't know if that's from the differential oil, or if the transmission is actually going bad. Basically need info on what parts to get. Thanks

My car has 140000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. If you’re going to attempt to replace the wheel bearings on your 2004 Jeep Liberty, I highly suggest purchasing a service and repair manual, as it will provide you with a detailed list of replacement parts, seals, gaskets and even what type of grease you should use for this project. If you’d like one of our mobile mechanics to complete this service for you, request a price quote for a wheel bearing replacement here.

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