Q: Questions about cooling system flush service.

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For the cooling system flush service, I saw the service details that you will drain old coolant from radiator valve. My question is that will you drain the old coolant in the engine from the engine block except drain from the radiator valve? I know usually there are 2 places to drain the old coolant ( radiator valve & engine block ) and if drain only from radiator valve, it just flush 40-50% old coolant.

2nd question: I saw the part need 4 qt of 50/50 new coolant from your service, but from my auto manual, it needs 6.2 qt. Will it be a problem?

3rd question: what's your new fluid branding? Is it Toyota Genuine Fluid 00272-SLLC2 Long Life Coolant? If not, will it be a problem to use other fluid?

My car: 2007 Camry L4-2.4L


My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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