Q: Question about automatic transmission?

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Hello, since I've bought my car and most likely long before, it has shifted sort of sloppily out of first (throws me around a bit) but into other gears well, the fluid wasn't burnt when I did a full flush but it wasn't the bright red I'd have liked to see, since doing a full flush of the transmission torque converter etc and adding new fluid along with Lucas transmission fix the problem has lessened considerably. And it seems to only feel rough if I accelerate fairly slowly and shift at a lower speed say 15MPH vs 22MPH. Every gear after that is smooth and downshifts are smooth also, it shows no signs of just 'dying' any suggestions besides a new transmission? Thanks. P.S. not sure if relevant but front struts are completely shot, replacing soon.

My car has 164500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Sam. Typically when a transmission shifts aggressive from first to higher gears, but is smoother from that point, it’s due to either an obstruction of debris in the hydraulic system. Most of the time, the debris is caused by the transmission filter at the bottom of the transmission pan. Most people don’t consider replacing the transmission filter during their transmission fluid service, but this can significantly help in most cases. However, if the additive you used helped, it basically plugged up a leaking transmission seal - as that what they are designed to do with an automatic transmission. I think your best option here is to replace or clean your transmission filter the next time you complete the transmission fluid service.

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