Q: Possible vvt problems after piston change

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Hi Ben I took my car into the dealership because I was ideling ruff and when I turned on my car the rpm stayed at 2.5 even when I was in park. The repair shop states they needes to do an oil consumption test which i did. They said i needed new pistons which i had done. I called the shop to get my car after they had it for 3 weekes and they said oh we werw about to call u. The check engine light came on after the piston qork so we need to keep it to figure out whats wrong. He said we think we need to adjust the way the engine uses air. I said ok. I called back the next day to find out the guy I spoke to was fired and magically my car was ready. I asked about the check engine light which was never prior to them getting my car. He said it was taken care of. Went to get my car and the same thing was happening. Cslled on star who gave a code saying yhrottle body needed repair. That was done got my car back took it gor a test drive and noticed it took a long time for the rpm to change.

My car has 88000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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