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Q: P0304 code.

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I've had this vehicle for three years.It has been inoperable for all but six months of that time due to a bent intake valve and jumped cam follower in the #6 cylinder. I just reinstalled the engine after a complete top end rebuild and timing set replacement (using the OTC cam timing tool set.). I spent most of yesterday trying to get it to run. It will start then rev to 2k rpm and stall when not pushing the gas. If I feather the gas while cranking I can get it to climb in rpm very slowly and roughly. During two attempts at getting the rpms up yesterday the vehicle stayed running but rough idling at 1-1.5k the longest instance was about 5-8 mins before the engine stumbled and stalled. I have replaced the plugs and wires, fuel pump,injectors, and triple checked for anything unplugged or damaged ( I even changed the intake gaskets a second time). Any advice is appreciated

My car has 112000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should make sure the mass air flow sensor is connected and inlet to throttle body hooked up. If it is and problem continues then tr to disconnect the MAF sensor and see if engine runs okay? If it does then you may have a problem with the MAF and need to replace it. If it still ran bad with it disconnected then you need to check the cam sensor adapter is installed correctly if it is the cam follower distributor housing type. If it is ont of 38 degree position then will cause loss of power.

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