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Q: over heating

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I have checked thermostat-was ok Back flushed rad. was clear Checked pipe work- all appears to be clear Checked electric pump and is working fine Checked for steam & water in exaust -none Looked for oil in water-none Looked for white gunk inside oil filler cap-none The engine warms up as normal on tickover. Once the car is driven the temp rises rappidly and starts to boil, the rad hoses are all hot & under presure and the expansion tank starts to emit steam and the water level inside it drops. Strangely the rad is only just warm all over. I am suspecting the pump but it is not leaking or squealing and has no play in the bearing. I have also checked for air locks and the heater blows cold and does not heat up. Any ideas please, i'm pulling my hair out even though i'm bald lol
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there:

One thing that I’ve seen on TDI’s in the past is air bubbles trapped in the coolant lines that will create excessive heat build-up. If you combine this with a thermostat that is not opening when it should or a fan that is not turning on when it should, you could experiencing overheating issues quite easily. It’s also common for some TDI’s to develop lean fuel mixtures which will increase engine temperature. You might want to contact a local mobile mechanic so they can come to your location and complete a car is overheating inspection to help you diagnose the issue so the right repairs can be made.

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