Q: Over heating and leaking under my driver seat?

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My car over heated after my oil change. I was in traffic on the highway and then finally started moving and then my dashboard read engine hit ac off then it said engine power reduced luckily this happened as I was coming to an exit so I was exiting because well I was kind of scared and finally as I was exciting the freeway it went into engine idle. I pulled over n I had no coolant in resiviore and radiator. So I added coolant 1.5 containers to he exact. Then about a minute or so after it was leaking but not from radiator rather it was from under driver seat side. I tried to drive it home but I got the same readings again so I pulled over again and had it towed instead. What could be going on?

My car has 122000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. It’s quite possible that you have a coolant leak from a damaged heater core or heater control valve connection that is damaged. Both of these components are located behind the dashboard and would possibly leak on the floorboards. Before you drive the vehicle much longer, I would strongly recommend having a professional mechanic complete an overheating inspection, so they can isolate the root source of this problem and recommend the right solution.

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