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Q: Over heatin

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2 days ago my car started whinning it sounded like it was in the area wheere the fan is at well this mornin im siting at a red light and it starts to over heat and the heater blows out cold are so i go down the road and it cools it down but after bout 5 mins it starts to over heat so i pull over put it in park and it cools down so i pul out and drive for a second it starts to over heat again then the heater starts worker and it cools down then the heater stops workin again but it didn over heat this time what would be the most likey problem with it

When the engine is stone cold (for safety reasons), open the radiator cap and check the coolant level which should be right up to the top of the radiator filler neck. If the level is below the filler neck, add a 50-50 (water-antifreeze) mix of the coolant specified in your car’s owner’s manual. If the coolant level is low, air could have gotten trapped in cooling passageways, thus accounting for both the overheating and the inconsistent operation of the cabin heater. Check the coolant level again after running the car (again, check only when the engine is stone cold) and top off as necessary. If, in the coming days and weeks, the level falls (you should be able to view the coolant level in the coolant reservoir or recovery tank), you have a coolant leak somewhere that should be repaired. If, despite adding coolant, or after confirming that the coolant is "already" full, the car still overheats, the recommended approach is to request an overheating diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will identify the cause of the overheating (e.g., thermostat, radiator cap, water pump, radiator, and so forth) and estimate the repair cost for you.

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