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Don't know how to change a oil pan gasket on the Buick park avenue

My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi...the repair procedure for the oil pan gasket on your vehicle is fairly straightforward. However, it is recommended that you have a certified mechanic perform the operation as, at a minimum, you have to have a calibrated torque wrench. Fasteners have to be re-installed according to factory specs. You cannot install fasteners on a car to an "approximate" tightness, especially in an oil pan application where the gasket is prone to leak if the bolts retaining the assembly, and gasket, are too loose OR too tight. If you desire that a certified mechanic carry out the below procedure, simply request oil pan gasket replacement and the responding mechanic will get this taken care of promptly.

The basic procedure is:

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Raise and safely support the vehicle with JACK STANDS, not a hydraulic jack. Obtain safety googles and/or a face shield. Drain the crankcase and remove the transaxle converter cover. Remove the oil filter and the starter motor. Remove the oil pan-to-engine bolts and the oil pan.

To install:

Carefully clean the gasket mounting surfaces. Preferably, thoroughly clean pan in a professional cleaning machine. Install the oil pan and the oil pan-to-engine bolts. Tighten bolts EXACTLY to 124 inch lbs. (14 Nm). Bolts should NOT have oil on them. Install DRY. Install a new oil filter and the starter motor. Install the transaxle converter cover. Lower the vehicle. Fill the crankcase with oil. Connect the negative battery cable. Check for leaks.

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