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Q: No Heat, blower works fine

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I can not get any Heat? The blower works in all speeds, just fine. I am able to hear the doors shut...when you slide it from cold to hot.

The car is now over-Heating, still no Heat in cabin?

Things I have done or checked: New thermostat ( times three, One cheap one, one more expensive, tried running with NO thermostat, 180 degrees is the temp of the thermostat)

I had the entire system flushed (by jiffy lube) then I have flushed it myself, 3 or 4 more times, until I saw it running clear. I removed the heater hose's and flushed the heater core as well)

I replaced both radiator hose's, to make sure they were not collasping upon themselves.

Checked the fuses I know of

It blows really good and strong....but still no heat?

I am getting frustrated.......! Please offer any help, you can

Thank you, michael

My car has 188000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

If you verify that the engine is getting up to the normal operation temperature of at least 180 degrees and stays there and the two heater hoses should be hot. When you turn on the heater and put it on high blower speeds then one of the hoses may be cooler than the other. If you still do not get heat then you will need to remove heater core to see if the core where air flows is plugged with dust, dirt and other debris that plug the core and air will not go through it but around it not giving you heat.

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