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Q: no breaks

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Abs light stays on brake light stays on wheel cilinder on back driver side keeps blowing lost all breaks have changed them and pads also calipers in front rotors and pads so why does it keep blowing and what do I have to do to make my truck safe dodge ram 1500 1/2 ton 4wd 5.9 liter

The codes relating to the ABS malfunction should be downloaded and whatever the malfunction is, it should be repaired. ABS systems generate pressure spikes and who knows maybe the system is somehow actuating when it’s not supposed to causing the left rear leak you have referred to. As far as the repetitive leak, the line pressure at the rear can be verified using an external gauge. However, even if the pressure is out of spec high, due, say, to a malfunctioning proportioning valve, brake hydraulic components are quite robust and can withstand much higher pressures than that you would ever experience in ordinary service. For example, the burst pressure on a 3/16 brake line is easily 5 or 10 times greater than any conceivable pressure you could create in foot operation. The bottom line is, with regard to the leak, a certified mechanic would have to inspect the line and component (brake cylinder for example) in order to determine exactly what is causing this leak. The recommended service to request is a brake line leak diagnostic.

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