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Q: No brake fluid to back brakes.

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Changed driver rear caliper on the truck and went to bleed the brakes and no fluid came out. Tried the passenger side and the same thing happened there. Went to the next step and undone the line from the dividing block at thw rear axle and no fluid came out. Worked my way to the next block and the same thing no fluid. Finally got to the master cylinder and undone the line there and not wven a drop came out for the MC for the rear. Went ahead and tried the front line from the MC and fluid came out. So im womdering if the MC could of went bad and how do i know for sure thats what is causing no fluid to go to the rear brakes.

My car has 300000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you disconnected the line from the master cylinder and no fluid comes out when pushing the brake then the passage inside the master cylinder is blocked. You should replace the master cylinder and bleed out all the brakes using clean fresh clean fluid.

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