Q: New tires yesterday and later my brake light came on. Pedal pressure lost, then came back, light still on! 99 Buick Century

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Yesterday I went to a chain tire store for 2 new tires in the front and an oil change. I have ABS. When they drove me to the bank the tech mentioned I had a cracked brake line but he didn't seem too concerned about it, like it was an afterthought. About 6 hours later my brake light came on but pedal pressure was still there. Later when I parked, I lost all pedal pressure. I heard a weird noise or vibration that sounded like a pump emptying still running after the turned the car off. When I came back, there was a fluid beneath my engine. Pedal pressure came back but the light is still on. I checked the brake fluid reservoir and it looks low but there is fluid there.

Weird thing: Something like this happened 6-18 months ago. Can't remember what I was having done, but afterwords I had lost most of my brake fluid. I went back to the mechanic and he claimed to have no idea. We refilled the brake fluid and I never had problems after that.

Whats going on?!? Who's responsible?

My car has 125000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Adam. Thanks for submitting the question. Unfortunately, there really is no way to prove what caused the brake line damage without fully understanding and seeing every step of service. When replacing tires, the brake lines are not touched in any way. However, depending on the type of hydraulic lift that was used - it’s possible that brake line damage could have occurred. If you had brake fluid leaking, then something is damaged and needs to be correctly diagnosed and repaired. Simply adding more brake fluid will not resolve the issue. I wish we could help you more or help assign some blame - but without knowing exactly what happened or inspecting the vehicle personal - it’s just not possible.

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