Q: My truck won't start ir turnover

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I drive my truck maybe 150 miles a month now that it's winter and I have a company vehicle. During the summer around 2000. This past week I drove my truck to my mom's to shovel her driveway. On my way my check service 4wd light came on then went off then my stabilitrack light came on. I shoveled the driveway got into my truck and it wouldn't start. I jumped it after probably 15 min it finally started. It took me roughly an hour to get home. I pulled in my garage shut the truck off. Ten minutes later my wife said we needed baby formula went out to my truck it would not start. I tried jumping it with my battery charger and nothing. The battery is not even a year old. Previously my truck would have problems starting hence the battery even though periodically but it would always start. Now I can't get it to start and I open the door the disc changer starts to cycle with no discs in it. Now my truck just sits until I can figure this out. I've seen several posts on net all help appreciated.

My car has 150000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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