Q: Q: My truck will not start.

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I've had a moderate oil leak for a while now from what appears to be from the rear main seal. Been keeping a close eye on oil level and keeping it full. I replaced my power steering pump last weekend, that's when I noticed the oil leak get worse. Not sure if that even has any relation to each other. It ran fine first thing this morning. However, when I jumped in to head out a few minutes ago, I tried to start it and nothing happened. Wires seem to be in tact and connected. Starter is clean and fairly new. I seem to have power, the dash lit up when I turn the key along with the headlights and the wipers work too. It even buzzes with the door open. I try turning the ignition I I get nothing at all. No clicks, no sounds, no crank what soever. Please help.

My car has 240000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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