Q: My truck will not start.

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I've had a moderate oil leak for a while now from what appears to be from the rear main seal. Been keeping a close eye on oil level and keeping it full. I replaced my power steering pump last weekend, that's when I noticed the oil leak get worse. Not sure if that even has any relation to each other. It ran fine first thing this morning. However, when I jumped in to head out a few minutes ago, I tried to start it and nothing happened. Wires seem to be in tact and connected. Starter is clean and fairly new. I seem to have power, the dash lit up when I turn the key along with the headlights and the wipers work too. It even buzzes with the door open. I try turning the ignition I I get nothing at all. No clicks, no sounds, no crank what soever. Please help.

My car has 240000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

A no crank situation can be caused by a number of issues. First off, the battery, even though it has enough power to light up accessories like lights, radio,etc, may not have enough cranking amps to turn the engine. The battery should be load tested for cranking amps and not just voltage. It can have a "bad cell" internally that can make it difficult to even accept a jump. If the battery passes a load test, the starter itself may have a "dead spot" in the internal windings. If the starter is accessible, grab a friend and a hammer to try this: While one of you holds the ignition in the START position, have the other lightly taps the starter with a hammer. If it starts, then the starter is most likely the culprit. Other possibilities can be the ignition switch or or ignition relay not sending a signal to the starter.

Have a certified technician look into the no start condition to isolate the exact cause if the battery and starter checks do not start the vehicle.

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