Q: My truck has hard start issues in the morning and afternoon. I live in Florida.

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In the mornings or afternoons after sitting for awhile, my truck will have hard start issues. I took it to a GM dealership and they kept it for almost a week. They replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor, and it still did the same thing. They said it was programming and grounding issues and after keeping it for 4 days, they said it started fine. I took it home and the next morning it did they same thing. People told me it had to be the Battery so I went and put a new one in yesterday. It did the same thing this morning. The stater sounds fine, It will turn over fine, but it will hesitate a couple of times before firing? After it does start, it will start normal all the time until it sits for a period of time again. Any ideas what the issue could be? It seems that GM has no idea because they are now trying to fix it o their dime.

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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