Q: my suv is running hot. Found water coming out of a small white drain plug underneath the suv

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I have a 2007 lincoln mkx running hot. I found water leaking out of a small white drain plug underneath the bottom of the suv

My car has 149000 miles.

If the liquid you see on the ground is engine coolant (and not condensate from the A/C system if you are in a hot climate), that coolant is probably overflow from the coolant overflow reservoir. When a car overheats, the pressure cap on the radiator opens and quite a bit of coolant can escape, sometimes more than can be contained in the overflow reservoir, so the excess coolant spills out through an overflow tube onto the ground. Engine overheating has a myriad of possible causes and so the recommended solution is to request an overheating diagnostic. The responding certified mechanic will, of course, look first at the most likely possibilities. Among these possibilities are a plugged radiator, failed radiator pressure cap (i.e., the cap is not holding pressure on the cooling system and thus opening), a stuck closed thermostat, inoperative electric radiator cooling fan(s), and a defective water pump or pump drive belt. Regardless of the root cause, the Mechanic will find the cause and then be able to provide you with an estimate to repair the failed component(s).

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