Q: My oil bolt came off and I fixed it and put new oil, now car is smoking by the engine

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I was driving and then all of a sudden my car was telling me that my oil pressure is low. I went to check and noticed that there was no oil bolt connected to my pan and I have zero oil so I put a new bolt on and I put oil in and now my car starts to smoke when I drive it

My car has 51000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Anytime you have a serious situation like this occur when your car’s engine is running with no oil, serious engine damage can occur. In some cases, piston rings and valve guides in the cylinder head are the first to show indications of premature wear due to lack of lubrication. These components are also the usual suspects of oil smoke while driving. However, it is possible that the smoke is caused by too much oil being added. Here is what I would recommend. First, take your car to a certified oil change facility or the Chevrolet dealership to have them replace the oil and filter. Since your car is at around 50,000 miles, it would also be a good idea to have them complete a diagnostic test to determine if any warning lights or trouble codes are stored in the ECU. This could be indicators of internal engine damage.

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