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Q: My mechanic "can't move my vehicle into his shop" due to ice and snow

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With record snow and ice on the roads and in driveways this year in Tri-Cities, WA, many people are having issues with their vehicles. I burned out my clutch trying to dig out of the snow, so I had it towed to a mechanic who said he could do the repairs in 2-3 days. Unfortunately, he explained to me the following week that because of the snow and ice on the ground and because the car cannot drive, he can't push it into his work bays, so I will have to wait possibly weeks until the snow melts. He was the one who told the tow truck driver where to put down my car (about 10 feet from the bay door).

My question: is this a valid and expected excuse from my mechanic? My impression would be that surely mechanics quite regularly get vehicles that cannot move into their shops, and I would suspect they can use winches or some sort of actuation to get them in to be worked on?

2009 Subaru Forester X

If the mechanic cannot get it into his shop unless the snow melts then you may have to wait till the end of Winter. You could ask him what can be done to get it in the shop sooner? You may have to have a tow truck move it into the shop. If he has a vehicle towed in then he could get a discounted rate to have the tow truck put your car in the shop while they are there. Or you can have it towed to a shop that can do the work right away.

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