Q: My light switches seems to be leaking electricity

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Hi. I have a fiat Brava (made in 2001 but the option was not available as well as the 1.2 16v motor)

My problem is that it seems that my light switches are leaking. All the light that are controlled by door closing/opening turned on 0/24. It's only that with halogen bulbs, it was not visible at all, but with leds, they are pretty bright. I do not know if it is in connection with the main problem, I just wrote it down.

The main problem is that when I turn on the small lights, (first option on the lever, W5W bulbs), one of the dimmed headlights is fully on and the other is dim, but on. When I actually select the dimmed headlights and after that, turn on the high beams (reflectors) one of the dimmed headlights is on, and after turning off the high beams and the dimmed headlights and only choosing the w5w lights, both of the dimmed headlights stayes on. I can select the w5w lights with a small button by the ignition keyhole, and then happens all the same as with the lever.

Thank you

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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