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Q: My indicator light goes on when I turn on the engine even after checking a 4 month old gas cap.

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Does this mean I need a new engine? I have noticed when I park after 25 min of driving home I will walk in front of my van and smell a light burnt smell. This has been a very good van to me for all these years. I've serviced it when it needs service, but now that it is going on 200,000 miles. Last night, my malfunction indicator turned on when I turned the engine on and turned off only when I turn key off. Light does not flash. It just stays on while driving. I bought a new gas cap 4 months ago because a gas fuel light went on. I checked the gas cap to make sure it was ok so I took it off and put it on and still the light turned on when I turned the ignition on.

My car has 198000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The check engine light is only an indicator letting you know a problem is detected in the computer systems of the vehicle. You would need to have the computer scanned to get the codes that are stored and have the code or codes diagnosed by a mechanic like one from YourMechanic. The mechanic will scan the computer using a tester and then diagnose the problem for you. Then you can make a decision to do the repairs that would be needed. It is possible a gas cap was left loose and caused the light to come on but there are many possible reasons the light is turned on and codes set.

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