Q: my husband just got in a car accident,the air bag didnt deploy on the driver side,it was a side collition..doesnt it still have to

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my husband got into a car accident recently but the driver air bags didnt deploy,it was a right side collition,doesnt still have to deploy the driver air bags?

My car has 94000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The airbags may have programming to deploy only during a frontal impact and not for a side impact. The drivers airbag is designed to keep you from hitting the steering wheel in a frontal impact and will not help in a side impact. If you suspect a problem then have the dealer test it.

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Supplemental Restraint System (SRS / Airbag) systems are fairly reliable and consist of numerous sensors besides just the airbags. There are pressure sensors as well as deceleration sensors - sensors that determine the location of impact, how hard a collision is and how fast the vehicle is coming to a stop due to the collision. Some vehicles also include seatbelt pre-tensioners. Pre-tensioners work along with the airbag system. If a collision is hard enough, the pre-tensioners will tighten any slack in the seatbelt to help reduce how much you move about during the collision. Depending on where the vehicle was hit and the velocity of the collision, airbags may not necessarily deploy. This is typically in effort to keep repair costs as low as possible. If the collision was not severe enough to necessitate certain airbags to deploy - as determined by the airbag control module - they may not deploy. For example, if no one is in the passenger seat, the airbag control module will determine that there is no need to deploy passenger side airbags. It’s possible in your husband’s accident that with the collision being on the right side of the car and possibly not hard enough, the airbag control module determined that there was no reason to deploy the driver’s airbag. If there is a fault in the airbag system that turns the airbag warning light on, the airbags may not deploy in any accident. As long as the airbag warning light was not on prior to the accident, the system probably performed as it was intended to.

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