Q: My engine light is flashing please help me I had an engine swap done recently

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Sebring 2.4 liter O8 is the vehicle I have I recently put a 2008 Avenger engine 2.4 liter in it it was swapped buy a man in Illinois who did not give me a warranty my engine light is flashing when I accelerate and it cuts out sometimes when I'm accelerating I change the crankshaft sensor like the engine light said and my vehicle is still running a lot worse if there's anything you can do to help please I need all the help I can get
My car has an automatic transmission.

There may be a problem in the engine wiring harness or the powertrain control unit. Sometimes we get lucky when we replace the part that the code says is the issue. But that can also indicate that the problem is with the circuitry to that part. If the crankshaft sensor code returns with a new sensor installed, then it’s possible that the pcm is either not getting the signal due to an engine wiring harness short, or the pcm circuitry internally shorted and is not reading the signal even if it is coming through. Unfortunately, the only to determine which is the issue, id to have a certified technician look into the check engine light and trace the circuit.

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