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Q: My car starts but immediately kills

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I filled up my car and came home. Within the next hour or so I went to get in my car to leave, pulled out the driveway and it killed. Changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, purge valve, idle air control valve, spark plugs and crankshaft position sensor. Still doesn't stay on. If gas is poured directly into the throttle, it'll run until the gas runs out. What could the problem be?

My car has 82000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. Thank you for writing in. You have done well to replace the main fuel delivery system in order to correct this. It does seem to be a fuel delivery issue. There are to major components you have not looked into. The most relevant would be the fuel lines. There are hoses that carry fuel, and these hoses can collapse. When this happens the fuel is cut off to the engine. A clog or leak can also cause these symptoms. Another system that you have not looked into would be the fuel injectors. These typically don’t cause the engine to stall, but will cause driving issues. It may be worth it to you to clean them anyway. Start by making sure your fuel lines and hoses are flawless, and take further diagnosis from there.

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