Q: My car is making a knocking noise, front left engine or axle.

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My car started making light knocking or clicking noises when I would make left turns about 6 months ago. It has slowly gotten worse, and yet when I took it to a mechanic last month they looked at the the axle and tie rods and said there was nothing wrong. The noise became more frequent and even happened when I wasn't turning. It also sounded more like thumping. I did notice the other day that the oil was low so I topped it off and, maybe it's my imagination, the sound seems to have improved. It still makes the occasional clicking sound when I turn left. Could the low oil have caused the noise? I'm also curious if the mechanic I took it to was wrong about the tie rods. Any advice appreciated!

My car has 270000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

It is very possible that the mechanic who looked at your vehicle could have been wrong in their diagnosis. Strut mounts and sway bar links can often cause similar noises to what you are hearing as well. I would recommend having those parts inspected by a qualified professional to determine if they are functioning properly. It is unlikely that the oil being low would have caused such noises.

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