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Q: My bmw wanders when driving.

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Have a bmw. And the steering feels unsafe. It pulls left or right when stopping. 6 months ago a garage said the left lower control arm looks a bit suspect. So after reading lots on this i suspect thats the issue on my car.

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The mileage on your vehicle is relatively low. Ordinarily, control arms would not fail so early unless there is a defect, damage, or abuse. Still, this possibility, nor any of the other possibilities can be dismissed and so you should seek an inspection of your vehicle’s front suspension. Among the causes of "pulling" are unequal camber (alignment) from side to side, typically 0.5 degrees or more difference from side to side, with the pull being toward the side that has the more positive camber. Unequal camber, and other alignment faults have to be checked on a carefully calibrated machine at a professional shop. Choose a shop wisely and be sure to ask for "before and after" written print-outs of the alignment, that is your alignment going in, and the alignment as set or corrected, once they are done. Another possibility is unequal tire pressure and/or a tread belt separation. Such will cause the type of pull you are describing. There are other possibilities, they will all just simply have to be looked at, in turn, and consequently I recommend that you start with an inspection and a certified Mechanic can begin to unravel the cause(s) of this issue you are having. Please let us know how we can assist you further or if you have additional concerns.

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