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Q: Modifying 1999 Buick Regal Grand Sport

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I have a 99regal and i have put a dog load of money in it. The flywheel broke so i am replacing it. While i have my engine out what can i do to improve performance i have 180 degree tstat upgraded coil packs. Best plugs and wires. Supercharger still nothing in return for me. Id like to save money beefing it up but at the same time i know theres alot you can do to these cars just little things and i want to know what they are jts a 1999buick regal grand sport

Hi there - if you already have the supercharged 3.8L GS engine, there is a not whole lot that can practically be done. A true "cold-air" kit that gets you intake air from outside the engine compartment, with a low-resistance air filter will help a bit. A shift kit that firms up shifts (B&M, TCI, et al) might be a consideration - just remember the axles and CV joints can pay the price for this. Torque-steer, given that you’re front-wheel drive, will be a limitation. Firmer engine mounts can help that a bit, but it still physics you’re fighting. Just a few ideas - check the Buick Regal forums on the Internet for other suggestions from fellow owners. Good luck!

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