Q: Lowered AWD Impreza-New rims and tires wobbling, fresh alignment less than two months ago

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I recently put new rims and tires on my 2005 Impreza RS and it feels like ones about to come off or is loose but it's not. I have had an alignment done within the past month so I know it's not my alignment. The new wheels and tires are brand new so they're not bent or anything like that. I'm about to call to make an appointment to have them balanced but I want to make sure that that's the issue first. All the tires are inflated properly so that's not the issue either. Can anyone help me out?

My car has 87000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Tyler. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several variables about tire and wheel upgrades that might cause the issue you’re having. First, if the wheel offset is incorrect, or the wheel pattern is slightly off-centered, it will create problems like this as well. Also, if the wheels and tire size are greater than +1 fitment (meaning 1 size wider, with 1 size lower aspect ratio and 1 inch larger rim, then you can have problems like this as well. You also indicated in the question that the vehicle was lowered. If ANY suspension was altered, this will also create problems. Unfortunately, there are too many variables we don’t know about your individual application that could cause this problem. If the tires were installed but not balanced, this is alarming as well - as they should always be balanced before installing on a vehicle.

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