Q: Is it possible to damage the compressor when replacing the clutch?

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I took my fiesta into the dealer for a transmission recall that was causing starting issues, they later said they were replacing the clutch on it for the recall. A couple days later, I'm told by them that there's a leak in the compressor and that they'll need me to pay for a new compressor to fix it.

Now, I had the car in with my mechanic a few days prior to taking it to the dealer, to get the starting issues looked at, and they had it for 3 days, going over it trying to figure out the problem before deciding it had to be a result of the recall, and they never saw or mentioned a problem with the compressor leaking.

Could they have damaged the compressor while replacing the clutch, and now be asking me to pay to remedy their mistake? I don't even necessarily mean intentionally, maybe they didn't realize they damaged it, or the mechanic didn't tell the inspector he did. I'm just feeling a bit blindsided by this claim.

My car has 76000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. To answer your question, it’s virtually impossible to damage the AC compressor while servicing the clutch or transmission. It’s more than likely that the compressor issue is not related to the transmission or clutch recall issue you’re experiencing.

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