Q: If I can get diagnostic codes for a turbo, is that enough to go off of to start working on and repairing a turbo?

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I just bought a car to part it, but it seems like it may be salvageable. The seller told me he took the car to a mechanic and the mechanic said that the turbo was the problem. Upon turning the car on (I presume for the first time in awhile) white smoke came out of the exhaust pretty strong but then slowed as we continued driving, we drove fairly slow and then the car started losing power, until it came to a complete stop. I'm gonna put and ODB tester on their soon and try to figure out if I can nrrow the problem down. You think that is fixable?
My car has an automatic transmission.

White smoke coming from the exhaust tends to be caused by coolant mixed in the engine oil. In most cases, this is due to damaged cylinder head gaskets or other damaged done by an overheating problem. It’s very hard to tell you whether or not this could be salvaged or repaired, but in most cases, that will require a complete engine rebuild.

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