Q: I think I have a problem with my engine throttle

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I was recently in a small accident with a deer but it hardly damaged my car. Just a piece of my bumper on my right side and my windshield wiper fluid box cracked. I had it repaired and picked it up today at a highly reputable auto body shop, and then drove just fine to work. When I got to work, I realized I also needed an oil change so I decided to drop my car off next door at this auto shop whom my coworker recommended. I then picked it up later that afternoon and on my way home, I noticed something weird going on with my gas pedal. I never have had to press all the way down to accelerate and driving my 10 min drive home on the interstate (and even in the main roads that weren't interstate) I could easily press my pedal all the way and only slowly accelerate. Could it have been that the guys at the auto shop accidentally did something? Or is there something else going on? Never had a problem with my car until today.

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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