Q: I recently got a 2002 used mercury sable which ive only had for a week, tried to start it and it starts up but it wont move?

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I started it up in the morning for work, and it started right up. But then i put it in reverse but it wouldnt budge , so i put it back in drive and i push the gas, and still no movement. But i can hear that it wants to go, but it doesnt??? I have no clue what could be wrong with it?? Some advice would be greatly appreciated ! Please and thank you.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The cause can be simple or it can be more involved. If the emergency brake was set, it can be that the brake cables are seized and not releasing the rear brakes. If the emergency brake has not been used, then the transmission itself can be to blame. Low fluid level can be preventing the vehicle from moving. Also, a failed pump inside the transmission can be preventing the fluid from reaching the correct pressure to engage any of the gears. Have a certified technician look into why the vehicle will not move to isolate the exact cause.

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