Q: I put my car into drive but it reverses 2003 Ford Mustang

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Basically as I put the car into reverse at first it dint do anything, all noticed honestly was that the gear shifter felt very, very loose like you can basically slide it up and down like butter. Anyways as I gassed it just a little to back out the car would only rev as if it was still in park. So I shut off the car and turned it back on. I stuck it back into reverse and the car did reverse and I thought the issue blew over but as I moved it into drive the car continued to keep reversing? So I turned off the car again and waited about a min turned it back on. Threw it into drive and the car kept just reversing ? So I parked it on the side of the street I turned off the car once more and now it won't turn on. The battery is fully charged and I just got my Heater Core fixed. I honestly have no idea what could be the issue just because I got it out the shop the other day.

My car has 107 miles.

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