Q: I need a throttle body cleaning or replacement.. not sure if the cleaning will do the trick.

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My car has started reading on the computer screen, "engine power reduced".. The car was extremely low on oil, I had it filled with a mid grade level oil just to see if it would get me home, nothing was working. Brought it to a shop that is at the corner of my block they quoted me an out rages price that is ridiculous, between five and $900 to Replace the throttlebody. I know that a throttle bodies between 40 and 60 bucks depending on where you get it from in the brand, and I was told that it should only take about an hour of labor. So I should be looking at about $150 or so give or take… I was told that I could have it cleaned for 55 and that would take probably less than a half hour of labor , i'm wondering what I should be looking for pricewise and what would be a fair price for cleaning the throttlebody hose and trying to see if that solves the issue, if not having to replace it, what would the cost be and what would be fair?

My car has 104000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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