Q: I just paid Dobb's $370 to replace an upper radiator hose. Was I taken advantage of?

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I was out running errands and my car lost heat and started to overheat. I pulled over and the closest place was a Jiffy Lube and they pulled it into their shop and saw that antifreeze was leaking from the upper radiator hose, which they showed me where it was coming out. They suggested I take it to Dobb's down the street and they charged me $370 for parts and labor. I feel like I was taken advantage of since I had no clue what the cost should be and now I get home and did a little research on it.

My car has 176000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

I hesitate to pass judgement on other people’s work and pricing because I wasn’t there to learn the whole story. However, I can say that many BMW specialty shops are charging between 90 and 100 dollars an hour for labor, so if they had to work on your car for two hours or more and charged you full retail for the parts and fluids I can see how it might have come out that high. Roadside emergencies are always expensive but the best way to prevent them is to have all the scheduled maintenance and checks performed on time. Things like your leaking radiator hose can often be detected and fixed before they become an emergency. You can have this done conveniently at your home by Contacting Your Mechanic about performing scheduled maintenance tasks.

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