Q: I have an Acura TSX (' 94 I believe) it has about 120,000 miles on it. The steering was tightening up and a few other issues wer

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Power steering is tight, check engine light was on. Told because of a low oil situation the timing chain was messed up and we need to replace the timing chain, the tensioners, the guides and the drive belt. They also recommend a valce adjustment and something else with the cam shaft. Total cost is $2700 but the cost for the timing chain and tensioner with guides and drive belt is $2065 which seems quite a bit higher than what your website says it should cost. Looking for some advice here.

My car has 120000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. One thing to remember is that each vehicle is unique, as are the locations that offer this service. Pricing will always vary based on location, competition and the type of mechanic or facility completing this repair. In general, the services you’ve listed and the pricing you’ve indicated is average for having professional mechanic shops or a dealership complete this service. Mobile mechanics don’t have the overhead expenses as a shop or dealership, which is why our prices are typically lower. However, on our site, we’ve listed the cost for just replacing the timing chain, and not several of the supporting components you’ve listed in your quote. Since we don’t know what type of damage has been done to your engine, it’s difficult to provide you with an accurate estimate for these services. In general, we could complete the timing chain replacement, but internal engine services are typically not offered by us.

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