Q: I have a lemon

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problem#5 August 23, 2017 The Cruze started overheating again and my husband looked under the hood and discovered that the coolant was leaking out. So he added coolant to the car. the next day I drove the car again and it overheated. I then dropped the car off with Hardy Chevrolet on August 24 , 2017 and explained what had happen. I was informed that Hardy would perform a diagnostic test to try and determine what the problem could be. I received a call from a technician name Jason informing me that the car's Water Outlet was bad and the car needed a new hose and it would cost $226.00. I paid for the repair. 2 days later I am having the same problem with the car overheating and new problems are now present. White smoke was coming out of the exhaust and coolant and oil are now mixing together. I called Hardy back and they told me to bring the car back. So I paid 70.00 to have it towed back to Hardy. I received a call saying that I need a new motor.

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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