Q: I have a coil issue.

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I have a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria with the Coil on plugs system. A computer readout determined the #3 coil was bad. I replaced it and within 1 minute of starting the car, the car shut off and the new coil burnt up. The associated fuse was also blown. I examined the components and noticed that the wiring that runs into the coil plug was exposed on the hot and ground and was taped together with no separation. The wires weren't in direct contact with each, but must have been close enough to arc and burn up the new coil. I insulated the wires separately with electrical wire and plugged the old coil back in. The car started up and I drove it down the road, but when I pressed the accelerator, the fuse blew again. It hadn't done that with the old, faulty coil before. So, what could be the issue? I don't want to put another new coil in there and have it burn up until I figure it out. Could the spark plug have gone bad when the new coil burnt up? And could that be causing the fuse to blow?

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There is some sort of short in your ignition circuit on the number three cylinder. I would recommend further inspecting the wiring that controls the number three coil. It is likely that more wiring damage exists that may have been looked over. Once the short is found you should be able to resolve the issue by insulating the wires separately and preventing them from coming in contact with each other any more. If you are in doubt about this repair, consider YourMechanic for a check engine light is on inspection to determine why the fuse keeps blowing.

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