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Q: I had my engine light checked and it said camshaft timing advanced, do ok need to have the whole assembly replaced?

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I'm not noticing anything while I drive I just had a light on and had it checked.

My car has 115000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

There are two possible causes for this issue. One could be a faulty camshaft position sensor. The engine control unit relies on sensors at both the camshafts and crankshaft to determine where each cylinder is in the engine’s rotation. This helps trigger spark and fuel injection at the proper time. If the camshaft position sensor is not sending the correct information to the ecu, a fault code will be set. Another possibility is an oil concern. your engine is equipped with variable valve timing. In simple terms, oil pressure fed solenoids can vary the profile of the camshafts. This allows the engine to make good power at all rpm’s. A fixed camshaft makes better power st certain rpm’s and less power at others. These solenoids can become gummed or sludged up over time, especially if the oil is not changed at regular intervals. The passages in the solenoids become restricted, reducing oil pressure inside them to vary the camshaft timing. You can try an engine flush followed with a fresh oil change to see if that remedies the problem. If not, then a certified technician can inspect the vehicle to determine if the camshaft position sensor is at fault, or if a replacement variable-valve timing solenoid replacement is the solution.

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