Q: I am having a hard time attaching my control arm and ball joint.

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I just replaced my clutch on my 2006 Civic SI. The springs on the front are making it hard for me to get the 3 holes to line up from the ball joint to the control arm. I'm using a jack on the hub part, but I can't get it in line with the holes. Is there a tip or trick I can use to get it done?

My car has 80000 miles.

You should be supporting the vehicle on the frame using jack stand. Using a long pry bar pry down on only the lower control arm and then the spindle can be aligned up to put bolts in. Do not try and push up strut or you will have too much tension on it to align it. The pry bar should be put in between control arm and frame and pull down lowering lower control arm. You will need to make sure axle is fully in place.

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