Q: I always see car crashed and ruined in highways and I'm curious is there any materials other than metal better to protect a car?

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Hi sir. I always see car crashed and ruined in highways and I'm always curious to know if there is any other substituting material that can protect a car better than metal or steel? Can a car be made in a material that could totally absorb the force of impact and get out without harm after impact? Thank you.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Alex. Thanks for sending your question. There certainly are more durable and higher strength materials beyond aircraft-grade aluminum and mild-steel that could protect a vehicle. In fact, many military vehicles and high-security vehicles are made from special polymers even kevlar with bullet-proof glass and tires. However, the drawback of using these materials for production vehicles is cost. Plus, most cars are made to absorb an impact, and the metal actually crushing will protect the occupants of the vehicles.

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