Q: How to know if i have a problem with my axle

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I went to a mechanic and they had mentioned a problem with my axle im trying to purchase the parts online since it would be cheaper then that specific shop what would I need to purchase just the CV joints and the boots? Is that all that goes into replacing the axle

My car has 147000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Problems with a drive axle can appear in different manners. If a c/v boot is torn, they can sometimes be replaced with no issue. However, if the boot has been torn for some time, the grease gets thrown out and the joint gets contaminated with dirt and debris. This shortens the life of the c/v joint, requiring replacement. If this happens, sure you can simply replace the boot and grease, but odds are good that if the joint has been dry and contaminated, you will wind up replacing the joint / axle a short time later.

If the joint has been dry for some time, you may hear a clicking sound on sharp turns or when accelerating. Sometimes inner c/v joints can go bad even if the boot has not been damaged. Typically when inner joints go bad, you will feel a vibration when accelerating.

As for replacing the joints vs replacing the entire axle, time and money are the factor that makes replacing the entire axle more cost effective. There is such a difference that many auto parts sources no longer stock c/v joint kits. When replacing c/v joints, you must first remove the axle, then take additional time to disassemble the axle to replace the joints, then reinstall it. Replacing the entire axle is simply remove the old one and install a new one. In writing this, I checked two parts sources that no longer even list c/v joint kits, simply replacement axles at reasonable prices.

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