Q: How to keep 2017 Prius hatchback from opening so tall? I am short and can't reach to close.

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How can one shorten the opening space of a 2017 Prius hatchback? I am short and have trouble reaching the hand slot to close the hatchback. I am considering buying this new Prius but need to solve this issue first. Dealership has no solutions except putting a stool in the trunk and hauling that out to stand on and close the hatchback door. I'm too old to try that solution!
My car has an automatic transmission.

Using a stool is unsafe and thus we do NOT recommend that. The liftgate on the Prius is held open by two hydraulic supports. The OEM supports open (extend) 17.5 inches. It is possible to remove the two OEM supplied supports and replace them with supports that open less. In viewing the car (a 2017 Prius) a moment ago, it appears that reducing the opening extent by 2 inches, that is to 15.5 inches, will likely resolve your issue. Aftermarket hydraulic lift supports for tailgates are available in a huge range of size and capacities. They can also be ordered on a custom basis, which would be specified based on the weight of the tailgate to be supported and the opening extent that you desire. They are not particularly expensive. In fact, "stock sizes" of these supports are maybe $25 to $50 each. If you tell a body shop what you want, they can manage a retrofit such as this and it is also possible for a YourMechanic specialist to handle the retrofit for you as well. If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to re-contact YourMechanic as we are always here to help you.

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