Q: How do I get a stuck rear rotor off?

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I have relieved the parking break and removed the O-Ring holding the rotor on. Sprayed studs and axle contact area with PB Blaster. After it soaked for 5 minutes or so, I smacked the wheel contact areas on the rotor face with a sledge hammer until my arms and hands hurt, but it still does not want to budge. The hub spins freely. Any suggestions?

My car has 170450 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

To avoid damaging the wheel bearings, special purpose brake rotor pullers are used. These typically apply anywhere from 7 to 20 tons of force, depending on the model you use. That’s the easy way to remove it and if you use one just be sure you wear safety glasses and/or a face shield in case any "parts" come off explosively. If, by chance, your rotor has 8 mm threaded holes on the axle flange segment, you can use those threaded holes, with bolts, to push the rotor off the hub. Just load the bolts and tap the rotor and it will pop off. Heat is not used because it will destroy the grease in the wheel bearings. Basically, the puller is your best option. Should you desire that a Mechanic use a rotor puller to remove the rotor, the recommended service is rotor replacement.

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